We are different. We create beautiful websites that attract and delight visitors, produce results and grow business.

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Brand Thinking

We approach websites from a brand led perspective, because first and foremost you want your brand to be selected before your competitors. And we know strong brands with a compelling proposition will always connect with their audiences and deliver a positive experience.


Jiminy’s approach is also founded on the fundamentals of proven advertising methods. Important stuff like; a great brief, understanding your audience and the power of a strong, single minded idea. Get these right and we’ll hit the mark creatively and create goods things for your business.

Strategic Design

Most good designers can come up with a pretty sweet design, but if it’s not founded on a well thought out strategy and a strong idea it will flounder under pressure. Our approach is thorough and strategic. By the time the design emerges it is a true expression of the brand.

Digital DNA

The web is the printing press of our lifetime. A powerful system of distributing information and enabling communication, it has radically reshaped industries and our society. We love the culture of openness and sharing and we're proud to call ourselves web natives.

Our process


First the research, then the remedy. We start by learning all we can about your business and what you are setting out to achieve, as well as the specific objectives, considerations and challenges of the project. Next we do some serious thinking and arrive at various strategies for how we are going to achieve your objectives.


Then we move on to developing initial sketches that form the foundation of the wireframes. Along the way we will conduct user testing to ensure any assumptions we made along the way are correct. Off the back of the strategy and wireframes we develop the creative idea that holds everything together, this ensures that there is visual unity and cohesion throughout the design and the brand.


Then we begin the design phase, initially developing key template pages before we roll the design out across the site, testing as we go.


Once the design is resolved and signed off, we start the build. The build goes through a number of stages until we are ready to start testing before we go live.


Then we optimise the site and continue to tweak and improve for ongoing performance.

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Who we work with


Project work

We work with large and small businesses on a project-by-project basis. This includes corporates, SMEs and start ups. On the other hand if you’re looking for a more serious committment in the form of an ongoing web partner, look below.

Web partner

With select clients we form long-term partnerships where we become a true web partner, an extension of your company. If you like the sound of this arrangement, and are already a successful company that just needs to be sharper online then lets talk. We have a novel, win-win commission based payment structure that you may be interested in hearing more about.


Project work

We regularly work with design, brand and advertising agencies. We’ve come from agency backgrounds, so speak the language and know how it all works so you wont need to hand hold.

Strategic web consulting

We regularly work with agencies who have a need for digital strategic advice on a particular project. We don't offer long term in-house consulting services but are happy to join a client meeting or audit a website if you need a specialist in the house.

Who we are

Our primary point of difference is to generate a better user experience through a combination of strategically designed communication and precision coding. The result? Better performing websites and therefore more profit for our clients’ businesses.

Who we partner with


Design can let you see the world in a different way and make you smile. That’s clever design. Design can be short hand to explain the complex. That’s smart design. Marque combine smart and clever design to balance form and function online.


Communica provide backend Drupal development for all larger projects. They develop on a robust infrastructure that enables continuous integration, automated testing and validation. Which means quality workmanship is a feature of every project they deliver.

Che and a designer discussing a website project

Che Mearns

Che is co-founder and Jiminy’s technical lead. He knows huge amounts about how to build websites that really do the job - not just look nice.

Che studied Computer Science at The University of Auckland and has fourteen years experience working on websites and web applications. His expertise lies in Web Development, Strategy, front end precision coding, application design and development.

Che is a stickler for applying best web practices and no nonsense design to every project and is meticulous about keeping up to date with the leading thinkers of today. He has the ability to translate vast amounts of personal research into a powerful practical knowledge base, from which Jiminy’s clients benefit greatly.


As well as using design to make you smile, to explain and persuade, Marque are masters at balancing form and function.

They design user interfaces that are not only beautiful and persuasive, but are purposed to do one thing flawlessly; help users do what they need to do easily and efficiently online.

In fact, their user interfaces are often so intuitive they literally follow and anticipate a user’s journey from the moment they land on a site until they send an enquiry, buy or sign up. Now that’s an art.