Our services

We offer a variety of services and disciplines that form the arsenal of what it takes to make a great piece of online communication.

Our services

Web Design

We solve problems using design to produce elegant, clean websites, that deliver the ultimate user experience. Jiminy also offers brand design and brand strategy if that's what you need.

Creative Strategy and Creative Ideas

We uncover what gives your company it's competitive advantage, and build a creative strategy around that. We can also come up with a campaign idea or a brand idea if that is what you need.

Web Development

We offer complete web development capabilities from e-newsletters and banner ads through to building complex information rich websites - something we have a lot of experience with. We have both front and back end coding specialists on board who make the magic happen.

Content Management

We build our CMS systems on Drupal, an open source enterprise level system that is very secure, easy to use, and extremely robust. It's also the system of choice for The White House, NZ Post, Sorted, The Economist and many more, enough said.


We offer fully integrated e-commerce websites with an easy to use backend. We design sites that provide a positive shopping experience, which means you get more people in the door and out through the check out.

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer a range of SEO packages to suit different needs - because you can have the best website around but if nobody can find it then you're no further ahead. Starting with a targeted strategy, we kick things off for you and then maintain and report back to you on a monthly basis - or you can choose a scaled back version of the above. Let us show you how to improve your ranking and keep doing it month after month.

Email Marketing

E-newsletters are one of the best ways to stay in touch with existing and potential customers. Most often when we design a website for a client an e-newsletter template is the logical next step and is always a brilliant way to announce the launch of your great looking new website with a matching e-newsletter template. We have a lot of experience designing, building and delivering effective e-newsletters that get great click through rates and drive traffic to your site.

Social Media

Everyone's doing it but not everyone is doing it well. Let's just say we know some ground rules that make all the difference. Jiminy offers fully integrated social media strategies, initial implementation and an ongoing mentoring for those who would like some support.


One of the best ways to boost SEO over the long term and often the hub of a social media strategy. We design and build blogs and offer recommendations and ongoing guidance on post content so that your blog is a strategic marketing tool and you're not wasting time writing content that no one wants to read.

Web Hosting

We offer temporary or permanent hosting for your website at a very reasonable rate. Host with us and we can address any issues that arise quickly and easily.