Our process

This is an outline of the tried and tested process we follow when building a website.

Our process


First the research, then the remedy.

We start by learning all we can about your business and what you are setting out to achieve, as well as the specific objectives, considerations and challenges of the project.

Next we do some serious thinking and arrive at various strategies for how we are going to achieve your objectives.


Then we move on to developing initial sketches that form the foundation of the wireframes. Along the way we will conduct user testing to ensure any assumptions we made along the way are correct.

Off the back of the strategy and wireframes we develop the creative idea that holds everything together, this ensures that there is visual unity and cohesion throughout the design and the brand.


Then we begin the design phase, initially developing key template pages before we roll the design out across the site, testing as we go.


Once the design is resolved and signed off, we start the build. The build goes through a number of stages until we are ready to start testing before we go live.


Then we optimise the site and continue to tweak and improve for ongoing perfomance.